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The Window Restoration Process...

  • Remove window from opening, mark location, secure opening, and transport window to shop
  • Using steam and infrared heat, strip all putty and paint while salvaging existing glass for re-use
  • Remove hardware, clean and restore for re-use (replace if necessary)
  • Repair wood as needed using like species wood and or Abatron epoxy
  • Sand all surfaces maintaining profiles of muntins
  • Apply an oil wood preservative (mix of organic linseed oil, Penetrol and turpentine)
  • Prime with linseed oil based primer
  • Re-glaze using salvaged glass or modern plate glass depending on customers preference, new points and bedded in Sarco Brand putty
  • Allow putty to dry
  • Putty is primed with oilbased primer
  • 2 coats of finish are applied to interior and exterior,
  • Custom mixed stains and clear finishes when applicable
  • Hardware is re-installed. Upgrades or installation of weather stripping is available
  • The finished sash is fitted into it's original opening, new ropes or chain installed, and the window is checked for easy operation

Before and after.....